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We have created this website in order to help you get started online betting legally and profitably in India. We will provide you with step-by-step guides about everything from choosing the right bookmaker to becoming a profitable player.

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We have created this website in order to assist you gamble legally and profitably in India. We will offer you with step by step publications about the whole lot from deciding on the proper bookmaker to putting in an account, to turning into a worth while player. Our sole reason is to assist Indian gamers get fulfilment with online gambling and online casino in a legal way.

Sports betting

A sport betting is in fact a very old form of entertainment. It is estimated that the first bets appeared along with the first sport disciplines. Then people quickly came up with the idea that you can bet on particular event and even make money. The essence of bets has changed over the centuries.

Online sports betting

Sports betting in the online era appeared together with the development of the www net in the mid 90-ies. At the beginning due to several difficulties of technological attitude (not many people had access to internet) online betting was not so hugely demanded. Only after some time, when internet has become massively available in our houses, people were able to discern an interesting type of spending leisure while put bets on sports. Internet made it possible to bet in real time any moment without the necessity to leave home. Moreover part of sporting events can be watched on sports betting sites with the help of so called live streams.

Benefit from online sports betting:

  • Absence of tax
  • Possibility to play 24/7
  • The best offer in contrast to ground bookmakers
  • Attractive odds
  • Available bets which you can set during the whole match
  • Bookmaker bonuses and promotions
  • Benefit, freedom, you do not need to stay in a queue
  • Safety and reliability, full money payout
  • Sports Betting Tips And News
  • Sports Betting Tips And News
  • Sports Betting Tips And News
  • Sports Betting Tips And News
  • Sports Betting Tips And News
  • Sports Betting Tips And News


So you've got got determined to check out online betting, however you are now no longer certain how to get started? Don't worry, it"s truly simple, and we"ll display you how.

The first issue you need to do is determine which best sports betting site you need to sign on with. There are severing sports betting sites that accepts Indian players. Most of them additionally permit you to play with rupees, in place of different overseas currencies. To make it clean for you, we can simplest endorse sports betting sites that accept Indian customers here on sportsbettingkey. We may even write evaluations approximately all the sports betting sites that be given Indian gamers and can help you pick out the exceptional option to your needs.

Sports Betting Tips And News

Online Betting in India: Top 10 Sites

We present to you, the list of the top 10 best places to bet online in India!

  • Livebid: World Best and top sports betting site for beginners.
  • Betchips: Provides a great mobile betting experience in sports betting
  • Betway: Good place for beginners of online betting
  • Bet365: Biggest online betting provider
  • 22Bet: An incredible selection of football betting odds
  • Bodog: Great site for online cricket betting
  • 1xBet: Offers a huge game selection
  • Betwinner: Provides the best live betting experience
  • Royal Panda: Great place to play online casino games
  • Unibet: Has some of the best odds on the market

Sports Betting Tips provider

We invite you to examine extra here approximately about the best betting sites in India earlier than you pick out which site you need to sign up with. By analyzing our opinions, you can discover extra records approximately what offerings are provided through that unique bookmaker. Do they offer bets on cricket, horse racing, IPL and so on? Is the site language to be had in English or in Hindi?

Do they have pleasant and useful client support? Can you deposit rupees in your making a bet account? Those questions and lots of extra might be replied through analyzing our opinions approximately specific or best sports betting sites in India.

Sports Betting Tips And News

Which is a best reputable site for online sports betting?

The best reputable sites for online sports betting are Livebid. Livebid is the platform where you can bet on every sport by easy signup and login process and livebid also provide you the online casino betting platform also. here sportsbettingkey provide you the best sports betting tips for all upcoming sports for livebid.
In India, sports betting is now a very big matter. As sports Betting is not a new concept. There are many online sports betting sites in India. But it is much tough for player to identify which site to trust and which is safe and secure site to place your online betting. Livebid is the best and the top sports betting site in india .
Yes online sports betting sites are reliable if they are legal, licensed and support all payment method which will be easier for player to trust on.
The best betting exchange site in india is livebid. The best betting exchanges site have much better odds than old fixed odds bookies so you can win much more for single and straight bets. We"ve put the top online betting exchange site which is livebid so you can see what welcome offer and bonus to expect as well as their best features and if they are suitable for your betting style.
If you"re a beginner to the gambling, you might have thinking mind when looking for websites for sports betting. You first find that how trustworthy a site is so here i am suggesting you the best sports betting site to which is trustworthy is livebid.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites

Sportsbettingkey serve a great role in the sports betting market industry, most significantly for you, the bettor. Sportsbettingkey exists to offer sports betting tips, betting tips, free tips, Sports Betting Sites, Best Sports Betting Sites, Top Sports Betting Sites, Online Sports Betting Sites, Online Gambling Sites, Best Online Gambling Sites, and Best Online Sports Betting Sites with customer reviews for placing a bet on betting website. The motive is, due to the fact we adore you - or at the least such as you a lot. Plus, there are regulations and guidelines that want to be accompanied a good way to shield clients and we don"t need you to bet on sports activities at the wrong website.

Our aim is to provide you the products on which sports betting sites are the pleasant and which of them are much less than stellar. Whether you"re trying to bet on university football, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC or the Oscars, we"ll assist you pick the right online betting site for your wagering needs.

Trusted Sports Betting Sites

This web page is designed to provide you the run down on what to search for best betting site in india. Nobody desires to have a awful experience with any employer they do commercial enterprise with, and choosing the betting sites are not any extraordinary.

When evaluating any sports betting website, we look for the following:

Type of bets Does the sports betting site in india provide moneyline, factor spread, parlay, props, teasers and totals bets? Do they provide live online sports betting? Are there a huge variety of wearing activities to pick from? What games traces are to be had? Are there traces on NFL, NBA, NHL, EPL, MLB and different essential sports betting leagues?

Trustworthiness Does the betting site have a desirable reputation?

Odds Can you toggle among American odds (Vegas odds) and decimal odds?

Bonuses and Rewards What incentives do they provide sports betting site bettors? How many promotions are presented weekly? What does the betting site affiliate application entail? Are there precise cell promotions?

Additional Features Does the sports betting site have online casino, stay poker or a race book? Are there different alternatives except making a bet on sports activities?

Usability Is the online sports betting site responsive? Does it take lengthy to load? Is the sports betting site website easy to navigate?

Deposit and withdraw alternatives Does the sports betting site be given credit score cards? E-wallets? Checks? Do they permit you to withdraw your winnings easily?

Customer provider availability What happens in case you want assist together along with your account? Are they to be had to reply questions24/7? Do they've a stay chat characteristic to reply to comments, issues or account issues?

Currencies and languages Do they be given more than one currencies? Can you view the online sports betting site in extraordinary languages? For the most part, English is the well-known language used, however it"s crucial that a sports betting site has different alternatives like Spanish, Portuguese or French. Any of the Online sports betting site we advocate above are safe, stable and hit all of the marks from our list. There are too many online sports betting site to count, that is why Sportsbettingkey has performed the vetting for you. It might be not possible in an effort to check out each sports betting site online .

What Makes an Ideal Betting Experience?

As the vintage pronouncing goes "Customer provider is key" We"re now no longer certain who stated that originally, however it"s some thing that bettors have to recollect while visiting any sports betting site.

Unlike Some land based casino, in which you may physically go to a betting at a online casino resort, online playing casino sites are essentially digital casinos that be given actual cash to bet on essential sports activities leagues (and a few minor leagues too). However, this doesn"t suggest that online betting site only located online. Any reliable sportsbook could have physical address also. Some will actually have a FAQ or About Us segment that you may evaluation that will help you feel greater comfort for betting there.

Another crucial supply you may use to studies online sports betting sites is social media. Any straight forward betting sites have a social media presence that they could use as a treasured customer provider tool. Following and/or Liking placing the bet online allows sports activities bettors see how the employer communicates and interacts with capability and current clients. If any sports betting site in india is responsive on social media, you may see that they genuinely care approximately their clients and are open to feedback.

So you wanna begin online betting in India, however you are now no longer certain how to get started? You've come to the proper place! Sportsbettingkey is administered via way of means of a group of Indian betting experts and casino players. Collectively, we've a ton of experience with inside the international online betting and we understand the entirety there may be to understand about online betting in India.

Online sports betting site in India Guide!

We're gonna teach you a way to how to bet online how to deposit money (and withdraw it again), how to get a nice big welcome bonus and more. And the high-quality of all is, we are gonna provide all this statistics and all those sources with you for free. This will permit you to grow to be a success at online sports betting in India. So in case you are ready, then let's begin mastering about online sports betting in India


Online Cricket Betting in India

Although cricket is not formally our country national sport, it genuinely is with inside the hearts and minds of maximum Indian people. Cricket is the maximum famous sport on the subcontinent.

Watching cricket amongst friend or own circle of relatives is constantly comfy and terrific exciting. But not anything receives the excitement going like an excellent old school wager. That's why we like having a bet on cricket right here at sportsbettingkey. Watching your preferred recreation in excellent agency and prevailing a few cash on the equal time. What will be better?

Most sports betting sites actually have a cricket betting app, so that you can watch cricket to your cell tool any time that fits you! If you are wondering a way to get started with cricket having a bet you then definitely have come to the right place. Here at sportsbettingkey, we offer you with all of the important tools. We will assist you how to get register an account on one of the many fantastic cricket betting site that take delivery of Indian players. the cricket sports betting site which i am taking about is:

Recommended Cricket betting site: Livebid

If you"re interested about betting on cricket, and you"re searching out a online cricket betting site to, then sportsbettingkey gives you best choice which is livebid.

Livebid is the biggest cricket betting site in the world. They have clients through out the world; however they're mainly famous right here in India, because of their terrific choice of cricket having a bet odds.

On livebid you may be capable of guess on quite a whole lot each cricket healthy below the sun. They provide odds on each cricket league and event from the T20 World Cup to the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Livebid in addition provide an first rate Live online sports betting platform for 2020 in india, a beneficent welcome bonus, and some handy deposit techniques which makes it clean for Indian gamers to enrol in livebid.

So in case you need to be a part of the world"s best sports betting site and take advantage of advanced cricket betting and different superb features, then you need to signup on Livebid now!

Tips to bet on best sports betting sites

Watching sports is an entertaining thing to do, especially when you have a bet on the playing team. It adds to the fun as your bet is leading against its opponent. When you know how to bet on these sports game, it can be a lucrative way to enjoy every game you watch. Most of the strategies in sports betting are available in articles, but bettors tend to overlook and ignore these tips. These type of bettors are often called as "squares" who make sportsbooks earn profits. Having a little or extensive knowledge on sports betting strategies can help you consistently win on the games you are playing.

Research on the Playing Teams

Before risking your money, it would be better to know first the teams where you want to put your stake. It will also be helpful to focus on one sports and be a master bettor on it. Spreading yourself thin on multiple sports will lead you to nowhere. Doing many things at the same time is almost similar to doing none. If you keep on pushing yourself to study several sports, it will be difficult to have an expertise on a single sports game. Focus on one, search for its history and learn the winning teams from the past and the present. This will give you an advantage in the long run. If you have chosen your sports of mastery, you will probably have a background on all the available teams on the market. Look for the trend of each team to determine which among them is the great bet. Betting on a specific team is like investing your money. You probably do not want to put your money on a company you are unfamiliar with. Concentrating on one team is also recommended. When you are very familiar with your chosen team, you will only need to research for the other half. A bettor focused on a specific team has a clear advantage compared to the other bettors because you have advance insights.

Dare to be Unique and Different

The strategy to fade the public is quite popular. This means that you bet against the public's favourite. When a team is clearly famous and becoming the crowd's choice, sportsbooks are using this trend to increase the amount of bet on the said team. Fading the public results in having soft lines and getting an edge in the game. It is hard to veer away from what most people are choosing, but it can be beneficial to your bankroll. In order to know which team the public is betting on, you should determine the team with a solid fan base or a team with a superstar player. Those teams with too much exposure in every kind of media can also be considered as the public's bet. Undervalued teams can win you some sure profits. This tip is one of the easiest strategy to apply. It can be your go-to method in sports betting when you lack time to research for the record of each playing teams. Simply determine who the public's bet is and stake the opposite way.

Shop for Multiple Lines

Having a lot of choices is the greatest way to grab the best deal. This can also be applied in sports betting. Create an account on several online sportsbook and you will notice that each of them has its own menu to offer. They never provide same service on the same price. Some are lowering their price to attract bettors. Compare all the available lines on each site and you will likely find the cheapest stake on the bet you intend to buy. With this strategy, you can maximize your gambling cash and get the best deal among all the gaming sites. Make it a habit to compare all the lines available in casinos and sportsbook, you can visit their site here..

Impose Self-Discipline

As a common rule for all games including sports betting, always set a specific amount for your bankroll. Ensure that the cash you put on your bankroll is only the amount of money you are willing to risk. Going beyond your gambling budget is not recommended. It may cause several problems such as being drowned in debt or getting in trouble for stealing money just to have something to bet. Another tip is to never chase your losing money. When you try to win back the money you lost, you tend to increase your bet even more. This is not a helpful tactic because it may backfire against you and the next thing you know, you lost penny you had. For a good game, it is suggested to bet only 1% to 5% of your total bankroll. This will let you control the amount you are playing with. Since casinos often offer free alcoholic beverages, players are enticed to drink more making them unable to think straight during the game. Enforce self-control and make sure to bet sober to avoid unwanted bets. It is also recommended to follow your mind, and not your heart when betting. When we are in emotional state, people tend to create bad decisions. If you are angry or anxious because of your losing team, never make another bet or move. Calm yourself before risking your money again.

Take Advantage of Tools

Plenty of software apps are available to help you make advanced strategies in sports betting. Some app can automatically track the record of the teams. You can even compare the stats of the matching team. Know how to leverage these tools for your own benefit.

Top Betting Sites in India



  • One of the best LIVE sports betting sites in India
  • Great selection of virtual sports on this sports betting site
  • Provides fast and efficient customer service with quick chat support.
  • Lots of promotions available with many rewards regularly

Livebid one in all the oldest most popular sports betting sites to open its doorways to Indian gamers. They are characterised thru manner of manner of a relatively cutting-edge andpolished creating a bet platform that offers gamers get access to to a few truely fine features. This is composed of an amazing stay creating a bet experience, and extra uniquely, a truely awesome digital sports activities activities creating a bet feature.

Livebid are developing a truely awesome attempt to goal the Indian market. That is why they've got those days began to simply accept Indian Rupees. They will additionally be popping out with extra handy fee techniques for Indian gamers in the near to future. So live as much as date with this new and interesting bookmaker in India!



  • Regular promotions available on this betting site
  • Very nice sports betting service with many features
  • Great online casino: lots of great casino games available


  • No betting app available: only casino app

Betchips is the oldest sports betting site online that has already gathered a huge following of lovers across the world. Now, they've opened their door ways to India in an try to enchantment to Indian gamers with an tremendous cricket having a bet enjoy and a clearly satisfactory stay having a bet platform. In this review, we goal to offer you the whole photograph of Betchips their new Indian having a bet platform. We wish you enjoy!



  • Very user-friendly. Great for beginners!
  • Huge choice of odds on cricket, football, rugby, and different sports
  • Great deposit alternatives Indian NetBanking, Visa Card, Neteller, Skrill and more


  • Difficult to touch customer service
  • A constrained quantity of promotions to be had in India

Betway is an global bookmaker with customers from all around the world. They are exclusive from other international sports betting sites like 1xBet because Betway holds licenses in lots of European jurisdictions, which means that they've to stay as much as very strict needs about security, client privacy, as nicely as deposits and withdrawals. Betway has a completely excessive fashionable of carrier in the whole lot they do, and they may be a great platform for brand spanking new bettors.



  • Convenient deposit options: VISA Card, Skrill, Neteller and more!
  • Great choice of sports & online casino games
  • FREE Live Streaming: watch cricket, football, horse racing & more!


  • Customer provider is frequently busy or hard to get a hold of
  • The welcome bonus will be better

Bet365 is palms down one of the biggest bookmakers in the whole world. They have tens of thousands and thousands of clients international and are lively in such a lot of exceptional countries. And it is no marvel that this British sports betting site online has end up one of the very best; they offer an awesome product which incorporates on line casino games, masses of sports activities to wager on, in addition to free live-streaming with masses of suits on a weekly basis. The entire experience of having a bet with this bookmaker simply feels particular and professional. Highly recommended.



  • Excellent cellular gambling experience: gamble online no matter where you are!
  • Huge choice of on-line on line casino games, which include online slots and live online casino tables.
  • Super-speedy registration: installation an account in 2 minutes


  • Limited sports activities having a bet options: no kabaddi or horse racing
  • Not that many promotions to take benefit o

LeoVegas is a relative new comer on the online sports betting market, however they have got quick taken the location as one of the leading betting sites in lots of European countries, and now they have got turned their cognizance to India. Here on sportsbettingkey, we've additionally observed that a lot of you men like LeoVegas, and we are able to definitely recognize why. They have an excellent product with a ton of remarkable on line casino video games and a excellent cell playing experience. We distinctly advise which you attempt this bookmaker out. It's swift, secure and secure!



  • Big collection of live betting options: bet live on cricket, football and more!
  • Convenient payment deposit methods available: Skrill, Neteller, Cryptocurrency etc
  • Best customer service available through 24/7 live chat


  • Platform is old and sometimes slow
  • Customer support is inefficient

22Bet is an international sports gambling site based totally at the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus. However, the choice of various video games and sports activities provided on 22Bet are some distance from small. They provide an outstanding array of sports activities to wager on, consisting of many sports activities which might be often desired with the aid of using Indian gamers, including cricket and horse racing. They additionally provide a huge variety of handy payment methods, making it very handy for Indian gamers to deposit and withdraw cash with 22Bet.



  • Fast withdrawals: get your money out in 72 hours tops!
  • world's most trusted gambling sites
  • Recently accepted Indian players.


  • Relatively small collection of live casino tables
  • Limited in scope and size

Casumo is one of the most famous online casinos in Europe on the moment, and it is now no longer difficult to look why. Aside from their stunning and attractive interface and their huge collection of splendid games, they're additionally constantly ranked through their customers as one of the maximum truthful and reliable gambling sites in the world.

A correct and strong recognition is some thing that has truly been lacking with inside the Indian market, so we have been pleased whilst Casumo opened their doorways in India to give sports betting site platform in india. In this evaluation we can let you know the whole thing you need to recognise approximately this awesome playing site!



  • Best live betting site: bet live on cricket, tennis, golf and much more!
  • Provides fast and efficient customer service .
  • Great promotions with great rewards enhance the gambling experience on this betting site
  • Cons

  • Withdrawal options are limited on this betting site
  • No horse race betting available
  • Although you could have never heard approximately Bodog before, they're in reality some of the oldest sports betting sites in the world. Bodog changed into firstly mounted in 1994, making it one in all the oldest online gambling sites in existence. They began out as not anything however an internet poker site however regularly obtained different competition with different playing features, and in the end developing into the huge and famous sports betting site that they're today, entire with sports activities making a bet, online casino, stay casino, poker and more. They have now made their whole playing portfolio to be had to Indian players, so we anticipate that they'll end up an an increasing number of famous betting site in India over the route of the following few years!



    • Simple sports betting site without too many distractions
    • Free bets available for players


    • Lack of deposit methods for Indian players
    • No betting app available at this time

    BetGold is a modern new online sports betting and gambling site that simply spread out its doorways to India with a easy however present day making a bet platform and a ton of remarkable making a bet promotions, which include unfastened bets and plenty more. If you are searching out a new betting site that offers you masses of making a bet options(mainly on football) and funky promos, then BetGold can be simply what you need!



    • Betting site provides great odds which increases profits
    • Nice collection of European sports such as football, cricket, rugby and more
    • Big collection of convenient deposit methods: pay with Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay or Cryptocurrency, as well as many others.


    • Betting site contains so many games which may cluttered
    • Good customer support is lacking

    Betwinner is one of the most current sports betting sites to hit the market. They are owned and operated via way of means of the identical enterprise that gave us 22Bet. Betwinner is devoted to offering the first-rate and maximum odds to players, and that they have a consciousness on European sports activities together with soccer and tennis. Aside from that they provide to having a bet, poker, lottery and lots of different video games as well.

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